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Sri Pada (Adam’s Peak) May 22, 2008

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A photo of mount Sri Pada. (During out last trip)

“Saama Chaithyaya” (“Saama” dageba). You meet this when you are climbing Sri Pada.


Applications of superconductors

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Superconducting magnets are some of the most powerful electromagnets known. They are used in MRI and NMR machines and the beam-steering magnets used in particle accelerators. They can also be used for magnetic separation, where weakly magnetic particles are extracted from a background of less or non-magnetic particles, as in the pigment industries.

Superconductors have also been used to make digital circuits (e.g. based on the Rapid Single Flux Quantum technology) and RF and microwave filters for mobile phone base stations.

Superconductors are used to build Josephson junctions which are the building blocks of SQUIDs (superconducting quantum interference devices), the most sensitive magnetometers known. Series of Josephson devices are used to define the SI volt. Depending on the particular mode of operation, a Josephson junction can be used as photon detector or as mixer. The large resistance change at the transition from the normal- to the superconducting state is used to build thermometers in cryogenic micro-calorimeter photon detectors.

Other early markets are arising where the relative efficiency, size and weight advantages of devices based on HTS outweigh the additional costs involved.

Promising future applications include high-performance transformers, power storage devices, electric power transmission, electric motors (e.g. for vehicle propulsion, as in vactrains or maglev trains), magnetic levitation devices, and Fault Current Limiters. However superconductivity is sensitive to moving magnetic fields so applications that use alternating current (e.g. transformers) will be more difficult to develop than those that rely upon direct current.


Our Project – Safety Plug

Electronics… It has changed the way of life of the human beings ever, after the great invention of the “transistor” and the developments made thereafter. Nowadays almost everything from watches to huge airplanes we use to travel through the world is controlled by computers which ultimately beg the help of electronics to make the hardware for them.

Electronics creates what we want. But it doesn’t make products itself. So we have to design,
implement and maintain the products, though they make our lives easier. We have to treat the products we use to be the way it should be. Simply we have to treat them carefully within their specifications. As human beings we do faults and sometimes are absent-minded. So sometimes the products we use, electronics or electrical, get their lifetime shorter because of the faults we do and the absent-minded usage. For an instance, say that we have been using a soldering iron for an hour without disconnecting it from the main power. But there is a limit of heat and time which counts for the lifetime of its element. Say if it’s a hotplate of a kitchen which is turned on for more than 1 hour may actually end its lifetime and same as for a water heater which will be burnt if all the water is vaporized and the heater is still turned on. Above are the common faults we do when using electronics and electrical equipments in our day to day activities. But they do severe damages to the products. Therefore we have to deal with them carefully while keeping our lives safe. If we have a product which can indicate us that the product is being used for a certain amount of time and it is still turned on, then it will help us to prevent the product being overused. So that it will longer the lifetime of the product and sometimes it may keep the safety of our lives. If a product is overused and it generates much heat, it will probably blow or make a fire which will entirely put our lives in danger. So a product which keep us informed as described above about the product we are using will be much helpful for our lives and it will exactly make our lives easier and safer with products we use for our day-to-day activities. It is really a ‘Safety Plug’. We will call our product hereafter the “Safety Plug”.

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Do You Know? May 14, 2008

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* Screeched

The largest one syllable word

* Dreamt

The only word ends with “mt”

* There are no other words rhymes with,

Mouth, silver, purple, orange

* I


* Set

The word which has most meanings

* Underground

The only word begins and ends with “und”

* Therein

This single word contains 11 words in it and those are there, he, in, rein, her, here, ere, I, therein and herein

* Stewardesses

The longest word that can be typed only from the left hand

* Uncopyrightable

The only 15 letter word that can be spelled without repeating a letter

* Facetious, abstemious, arsenious

Contain all the vowels in the correct order

* Pneumonoultramicropicsilicovolcanoconiosis

The longest word in English according to oxford

* El Pueble de Nuestra Senora la Reinade los Angeles de Porciuncula

The long term of LA (Los Angeles)

* “Taumatawha katangihangakoau auotamate turipukakapikimaungaharonukupokaiwe-naukitnahatu”

The longest place name in the world, “Moori” name for a hill in newzeland


Graduation is a time May 8, 2008

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Graduation is a time
For feeling very proud,
For thinking lots of lovely thoughts
And saying them out loud.

It’s a time for feeling love
About to overflow,
And just before it leaps its banks,
To let the loved one know.

And so I’m very proud of you
For being who you are,
For making something of yourself,
For making it this far.

I’m proud because I am a part
Of everything you do.
This time’s the time to say how much
In love I am with you.