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YouTube Makes More Homepage Changes April 25, 2009

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Tweaks Video Sections

About a month ago, YouTube changed the names of some of its video sections. They introduced Spotlight, Featured, and Promoted Videos. Now YouTube has made some more changes to its homepage when users are signed out. YouTube Product Manager Brian Glick gives the following rundown of what’s new:

– We’ve streamlined “Spotlight Videos” and given it greater prominence on the page. It won’t appear every day, but when it does, videos will be organized around a theme, such as today’s Earth Day videos, or a community trend. Feel free to suggest themes in the comments below. (Oh, and if you’re signed in, whenever we show Spotlight Videos it’ll appear wherever it does today, according to your settings.)

– “Videos Being Watched Now” got a makeover; we hope this gives greater emphasis to the videos that are rising up right now, according to what people are watching.

– The new “Most Popular” section features the hottest video in each category at the moment, in addition to the overall Most Viewed and Top Favorited video. This category display should help surface a wider variety of videos.

YouTube of course recently added full-length feature films and television shows into its mix as it strives to better monetize itself in Hulu-like fashion. The site is also testing a new channel redesign that users can get to by going here.

YouTube continues to dominate the online video picture in terms of total number of video streams and unique viewers, by a wide margin. Monetization is a different story however. We can likely expect to see a lot of changes with YouTube in the foreseeable future as we have over the last several months.


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