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A new Twitter tool June 6, 2009

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Friend or Follow

Friend or Follow is pretty self-explanatory, you enter in your Twitter username and it gives you three tabs of information.

Friend or Follow tabs

Following (who your following, but not following you back), fans (who’s following you, but your not following them back) and friends (people who you follow and they follow you back.


One Response to “A new Twitter tool”

  1. Twitter is becoming more open-eyed on spammers so you better choose carefully. Im using TweetAttacks from and Im a very happy customer. It follows very natural, it is not using Twitter API so its limitless. It literally breaks the limits. I had enough with those tools that are using API. They are very limited. They only allow you to follow 150 and if you exceed you get banned. Man, if only 150 why we need to automate it anyway? Just my few cents. Check it out guys, they have many powerful features too that you cannot get from anywhere.

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