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Facebook Moves Further Into Twitter Territory June 11, 2009

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Lets Users Subscribe to Friends’ Updates Via Text Message

Facebook is now offering its users the ability to receive their friends’ status updates via text message on their phones. If you click on the “subscribe via SMS” link below your friends’ profile pics, you get their latest updates this way.

Sound familiar? That’s probably because you can do basically the same thing with Twitter. This is just the latest example of Facebook acknowleging (without coming right out and saying it) that they view Twitter as a major competitor. If this wasn’t evident enough upon the last major redesign change, which switched to a Twitter-esque real-time status feed, it’s even more clear now.

Look familiar?

Facebook is certainly the dominant force in social networking currently, but there was a time when you might’ve said the same about MySpace. Twitter continues to grow rapidly (despite retention issues). It’s not really showing any signs of slowing yet, and Facebook is well aware of this.

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