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The best Twitter Desktop App I have found so far – DestroyTwitter June 15, 2009

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Does anyone even go to the Twitter homepageanymore? It seems like more and more users are changing the origin of their tweets as Twitter desktop clients are becoming more mainstream.

There are literally dozens of desktop clients for Twitter, available for download…but which are the best?
For me, TweetDeck and DestroyTwitter are the best ones, from those two I like DestroyTwitter more than the other one.
DestroyTwitter logo

DestroyTwitter screen shot

One of the best things about DestroyTwitter is its minimal use of memory, compared to other AIR-based Twitter apps.
One of the better, if not the best, feature of DestroyTwitter is the “Rules” feature. With rules you can “exclude” certain users as well as certain keywords. Below is a snippet from DestroyTwitter about this feature…


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