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Amezing Auditory Illusions June 26, 2009

Filed under: auditory illusions,illusions,virtual haircut — madhawa.h @ 6:24 pm
This is kind of a repeat post. Few weeks ago I posted about eye illusions, not actually illusions, but about 3D Stereograms. And last year I told you about Auditory illusions. I thought of reminding that again to you or tell it to the people who haven’t read my early post.
Auditory illusions are not actually illusions, they are totally great sound clips with exceptional Stereo qualities.
The audio is recorded with the use of 2 mics which are placed exactly where our ears are. When we hear those recordings we actually feel like we are right there.
For mem this is the best one, download and listen to it, “The virtual haircut”.
Make sure to use a high quality headphone set, which will make you feel it deeply.
Actually saying, you can make your own auditory illusions, with 2 mics and some audio editing softwares (or else if you are better in audio editing applications, a single mic will be more than enough). Try it.

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