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Nanotechnology-The future of technology and science 2005-2055 February 14, 2009

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The following link lists 11 megaporjects involving nanotechnology recieving high amounts of funding around the globe.


My design – Improvement to the traditional cane tea collector March 28, 2008

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This is a design I and 3 of my friends suggest for improvement of the traditional cane tea collector.

The traditional cane tea collector basket used in the tea industry is becoming increasingly unpopular among the new generation of state workers. There is a need for an improved basket that will overcome the disadvantages of the traditional basket. What are the factors you have to consider in developing a new design solution for collecting fresh tea leaves plucked by the state workers?

Main factors which should be considered

 Preserve the freshness of the leaves
 Comfortability of the collector
 Higher capacity, to collect more tea leaves at a time
 Easy and compact in transportation and storage of the baskets

Disadvantages/weaknesses of the traditional cane tea collector

 The basket is heavy, because it is made out of cane
 Because of the round shape, the basket can rotate around it when it is hanged on the back/around the head
 Low life time
 Incomfortability to the collector (can cause pains in back and/or neck)
 Difficulty in storing the baskets because the baskets are handmade and can be in various sizes

Solutions we decided

 New basket will be made by nylon strings (with spaces on the wall)
 Air can circulate through the spaces on the wall, so that the leaves will not braise
 That will reduce the weight of the basket
 Nylon has more life time than cane
 The new design can be stored in a small space, because it can be folded

 The shape of the basket is changed to a shape which will not waggle around the user
 The round shape is changed in to a shape where wore surface will touch the user’s back

 The shape of the basket changed to comfort the user
 That will reduce the pains the user will face


Department of Materials Science and Engineering – University of Moratuwa – Sri Lanka March 5, 2008

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University of Moratuwa is the only university in Sri Lanka which conducts a Bsc. Engineering degree program in the field of materials engineering. The students who follow this four year program of studies, which is conducted by the “Department of Materials Science and Engineering“, have the opportunity of specializing in the areas of ceramics, metals and/or polymers.

in addition to its main function of producing materials engineers to the industry, the department’s objectives extend to providing assistance to the Sri Lankan industry in the form of technical advice, research, providing testing facilities, and technical training. The qualified staff in the department of materials engineering as well as the other staff members in the university has the expertise to advice on most of the technical problems encountered by the industry.

Long-term industrial problems are generally studied by the students as final year research projects under the supervision of a senior staff member. There is also provision for those who work in the industry to register for a postgraduate study program such as M.Sc. M.Eng. or M.Phil. by research. The research topic may be selected on an industrial problem encountered by the industry and may be carried out under the supervision of department staff utilizing the facilities available in the department and the industry. This is because, in industry the problems encountered are multifaceted and industry-university liaison is very essential to solve such problems.

A wide range of equipments and facilities are available in the department for teaching and research purposes. Some of the equipments available in the department are Scanning Electron microscope, X-ray Deffractometer, thermal analysis unit, optical microscopes, infra-red spectrometer, mechanical testing equipments.

History of “The Department of Materials Science and Engineering”

The Department of Materials Engineering presently the only academic body in Sri Lanka offering undergraduate studies in materials engineering, began as Department of Materials Science, a division of School of Applied Science, which was established in April 1974 with the assistance of British Government when a link-arrangement referred to as Katubedda-Leeds Link, was forged between the University of Moratuwa & University of Leeds.