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Our Motherland is free May 19, 2009

Our Motherland is free from terrorism now. I too feel a huge happiness on the situation though I have not faced any critical situations like the people in the war zones, or I have not been contributed to this victory in any way. 
This is a gigantic victory over the whole world, over the biggest terrorst rebels in the world, over all who blaimed and who was blocking the way of the path of defeating this terrorists. Now they ahave nothing to say, but only keep their mouth shut and turn back. 
This victory will be a good place to think about the future of all other terrorists on the world (Other countries will also thinking of sweeping away the terrorism from their lands onece and for all, as our president did. TERRORISTS BEWARE !!!)
My salutation to all our army troops and all the people who contributed to this success.

Prabhakaran is DEAD May 18, 2009

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News says “Prabhakaran, Susei and Pottu Amman is DEAD”…


Vote Prabhakaran as a terrorist April 23, 2009

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(From Timesof India) pls vote Prabhakaran as a terrorist and send this to everybody.