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100+ Twitter-Smart Ideas to Maximize Your Twitter Business Strategy June 19, 2009

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NOTE: There are a lot of wimpy “Twitter Tip Lists” out there; this is NOT one of them. These 100+ Twitter Tips go from insightful Twitter toddler level to explosive Twitter-bomb advanced. Even if you think you’re a Twitter social or Twitter business pro, you might want to start from the beginning – this is one hefty shovel full of “Twitter How-to” ready for you to Digg.

NOTE 2: All 100 Twittin’ Secrets are complete and have been posted across multiple internet sites, blogs and other innovative locations such as within theiGoogle iTwitter Tab and the MyTwitter Toolbar.

Individuals who follow Dan Hollings on Twitter will be notified as new tips and secrets are revealed and where they are posted.

NOTE 3: Feel free to use, expand upon, comment and share these Twitter tips, secrets & strategies as you wish (all 100 are free), but please credit or link back properly so that everyone may benefit from knowing the original source. I welcome feedback and commenting.

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The Top 5 Ways Smart People Use Twitter

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To be honest, my first impression of Twitter was that it was for folks who had way too much time on their hands who narcissistically wanted to broadcast every random thought that crossed their brains.

While this may be true in some instances, there are also some very smart, professional, forward thinking people whom I respect who are using Twitterintelligently.

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17 Ways You Can Use Twitter: A Guide for Beginners, Marketers and Business Owners

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Twitter is a micro blogging platform which allows you to publish short messages of less than 140 characters through different mediums like IM, cellphones and the web.

It has a social element as well, as it allows users to befriend and monitor each other’s messages or updates. So what you have here is a publishing tool that can be either public and private.

It is similar to an IRC channel although messages are displayed less rapidly. Some have called it a slower version of internet messengers.

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The best Twitter Desktop App I have found so far – DestroyTwitter June 15, 2009

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Does anyone even go to the Twitter homepageanymore? It seems like more and more users are changing the origin of their tweets as Twitter desktop clients are becoming more mainstream.

There are literally dozens of desktop clients for Twitter, available for download…but which are the best?
For me, TweetDeck and DestroyTwitter are the best ones, from those two I like DestroyTwitter more than the other one.
DestroyTwitter logo

DestroyTwitter screen shot

One of the best things about DestroyTwitter is its minimal use of memory, compared to other AIR-based Twitter apps.
One of the better, if not the best, feature of DestroyTwitter is the “Rules” feature. With rules you can “exclude” certain users as well as certain keywords. Below is a snippet from DestroyTwitter about this feature…


Best Twitter tool I have found so far – Tweepular June 14, 2009

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There are many Twitter tools in the internet which do various things. There are also many tools which can be used to manage followers. From many of those tools, this is the best tool I found.
Tweepular is used to manage followers, unfollowers, fans, and also it gives our popularity (rank) in the twitter network.

Facebook Moves Further Into Twitter Territory June 11, 2009

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Lets Users Subscribe to Friends’ Updates Via Text Message

Facebook is now offering its users the ability to receive their friends’ status updates via text message on their phones. If you click on the “subscribe via SMS” link below your friends’ profile pics, you get their latest updates this way.

Sound familiar? That’s probably because you can do basically the same thing with Twitter. This is just the latest example of Facebook acknowleging (without coming right out and saying it) that they view Twitter as a major competitor. If this wasn’t evident enough upon the last major redesign change, which switched to a Twitter-esque real-time status feed, it’s even more clear now.

Look familiar?

Facebook is certainly the dominant force in social networking currently, but there was a time when you might’ve said the same about MySpace. Twitter continues to grow rapidly (despite retention issues). It’s not really showing any signs of slowing yet, and Facebook is well aware of this.

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A new Twitter tool June 6, 2009

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Friend or Follow

Friend or Follow is pretty self-explanatory, you enter in your Twitter username and it gives you three tabs of information.

Friend or Follow tabs

Following (who your following, but not following you back), fans (who’s following you, but your not following them back) and friends (people who you follow and they follow you back.