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i'm Madhawa Ranga following BSc. in Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Moratuwa.

Dead terrorist January 31, 2009

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A fascinating video. Should watch. a great Muppet show.


Nano Tech Poster

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My new home page

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Launched a new web site. My personal site. with many other features and gadgets.
But still under construction. A testing site has been launched.


Knowledge January 30, 2009

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By Philip Memmer

My philosopher friend is explaining again
that the bottle of well-chilled beer in my hand
might not be a bottle of beer,
that the trickle of bottle-sweat cooling in my palm
might not be wet, might not be cool,
that in fact it’s impossible ever to know
if I’m holding a bottle at all.
I try to follow his logic, flipping the steaks
that are almost certainly hissing
over the bed of coals – coals I’d swear
were black at first, then gray, then red –
coals we could spread out and walk on
and why not, I ask, since we’ll never be sure
if our feet burn, if our soles
blister and peel, if our faithlessness
is any better or worse a tool
than the firewalker’s can-do extreme.
Exactly, he smiles. Behind the fence
the moon rises, or seems to.
Have another. Whatever else is true,
the coals feel hotter than ever
as the darkness begins to do
what darkness does. Another what? I ask.


"Deyata Kirula" is here January 29, 2009

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“Deyata kirula”, the industrial and commercial exhibition will be held on 4th to 7th February, 2009 at BMICH.
I attended to it as a stall holder for the Industrial Development Ministry, but not this time. There will be a stall from EDC at UOM this year also.
Wishing to go see the exhibition.


Hello world! January 6, 2009

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Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!


Seed for Need January 3, 2009

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Engineering Design Center (EDC) of University of Moratuwa is starting a new project named “Seed for Need” to share the resources at the university with the Industry, to help the industry to do and design their work do their researches, etc.


Junior new Inventors preparing for their next competition

The Junior new inventors (the first 10) are now prepairing for their next competition with another 10 exhibitors of NSF (National science foundation) competing for the USA tour sponsored by Intel. the exhibition will be held on around 20th of January.
They had a workshop on how to prepair display bourds and how to use Autocad and Solidworks to do their designs at the University of Moratuwa on 29th and 30th of December 2008.
Good Luck.